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world cup/sports
made in china/germany

Welcome to our Guangzhou/Frankfurt Xchange site!

Hello guys!

This is the second part of our exchange project between Frankfurt (Germany) and Guangzhou (China)! 

The goal of this second week is to chat and produce this page together. We'll be making photos, videos, music and texts on different topics which we chose earlier. Both sides will add on things on the website and watch how the site develops.
The communication will be via Video-, Audio-, MSN-chat.

At the end of the week we'll hopefully have a site with many different views and expressions. Now we have....


If you want to see impressions of our first videoconference click here


 The project is led by Gallus Zentrum Frankfurt (www.galluszentrum.de)
 Wöhlerschule: (www.woehlerschule.de)